Service Support


ROYSKO's goal is to meet the needs of each customer.

We invest a lot of resources in our own business operations to ensure that our customers benefit from our accumulated industry experience and expertise, and enjoy the best professional team service experience.

We provide our customers with free pre-sale consulting services, and customers are welcome to contact our pre-sale consultants at any time to request. We will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

RAYSKO during the sale process provides product development kits to arrange professional and technical personnel to assist in docking.

Debug to the best condition according to customer requirements.

After-sales service personnel regularly ask the terminal usage status to ensure the best use of the product.

Establish customer data files to ensure that after receipt of after-sales machines are repaired and returned to customers in a timely manner to avoid affecting customer work.

Our company provides one year warranty (except man-made damage).


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